“Worry never robs tomorr…

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” ~ Leo Buscaglia


Only happy music

You know the drill. It’s a downer of a day. The kind that makes you wonder if you need extra-strength anti-depressants.

We’ve all heard exercise wards off the blues. But did you also know that a simple change of scenery might be all you need to change your mood?

Getting outside in the sunshine and fresh air can lift your spirits. Of course my favorite sad-day remedy is to throw a leg over the saddle of my old blue Giant hybrid, fondly called my “beater bike,” for a few meandering miles. If I’m really down, I wear my iPod.

But I don’t make the mistake of letting sad songs don’t get me down. Pedaling and sobbing, while doable, is not a good combo.

However, cycling on music is a great combination, even if that music comes from the wind rushing past your ears.

Need convincing?

Imagine sun warming your skin, wind ruffling your hair and the hiss of tires on pavement.

Envision coming to puddles, taking your feet off the pedals and throwing them out to the side while yelling, “wheee.”

Think about challenging a kid on a bike to a race.

Or pedaling to a bakery and putting a loaf of fresh French in your basket to take home.

Remember taking deep breaths laced with the heady scent of mowed grass?

Recall waving to an old man sitting on a park bench and seeing his smile.

See where the road takes you.

Ride your bike. Hear only happy music.