Say yes to yogurt!

A recent article points to yet another benefit of yogurt, besides its great taste and versatility. Now researches say that lean people have a wider variety of healthy bacteria in their intestines, and this may contribute to weight management and well being.

Yay for yogurt!

One easy way to add yogurt to your diet is with smoothies.

I prefer unsweetened Greek yogurt, which can be a bit sour for some people. But that tartness adds a refreshing zing when added to smoothies, while boosting creaminess and nutrition. I use dozens of fresh and frozen fruit combinations for recovery drinks after strenuous bike rides. Smoothies supply the post-workout protein and fluid my body needs, and help cool me down as well. Plus, they are easy to make.

Here are two of my favorites:

Fruit Smoothie


2 Handfuls of fresh or frozen berries/diced fruit

½ Cup unsweetened fruit juice

½ – 1 Cup yogurt

2 Handfuls of ice

Sweetener – optional


Protein Smoothie

1 Cup yogurt

1 ½ Cup plain, vanilla (or for a real treat) chocolate almond milk

2 Handfuls of ice

Protein powder and Sweetener – optional


Get creative – enjoy in good health!


In praise of fresh pasta

Yesterday I was gifted with Kitchen Aid attachments for pasta making. I’d been lusting for a pasta machine for months after my foodie cousin Bob exclaimed, “You make your own sauce and bread, but you buy pasta?”

I’m a pasta lover. But I’d never successfully made my own pasta—until today. Using half semolina flour and half regular unbleached flour (totaling 3 1/3 Cups), eggs (four large), a bit of salt (1/2 teaspoon) and water, I used my Kitchen Aid Mixer to make dough. Then I used the pasta press and cutter for my very first batch of fettuccine noodles.

I got flour everywhere. I made mistakes. I got a little bit concerned that I’d never get the knack of feeding the dough through the rollers with effortless ease like the people on the YouTube clips.

But I did it.

And as I surveyed the flour-coated countertops and looked at the pile of freshly made noodles glistening from their brief boil in salted water, I wondered if all the trouble would be worth it.

Yes—it was.

The flavor of fresh pasta is delicate and satisfying. It doesn’t need heavy sauces to be delicious. I felt proud of the beautiful results.

I look forward to more pasta making, and sharing it with family and friends.

Buon appetito!

Welcome, foodies!

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

                                           – George Bernard Shaw

Food—it’s what fuels our bodies and our lives.


I’ve had a lifelong love affair with food. I’ve spent thousands of hours shopping for it, prepping it, cooking and baking it, serving it, eating it and cleaning up the messes from it.

A good portion of the money I’ve earned or saved has gone toward creating things to eat.

In a way, my life has revolved around food.

As a mother, I want my children well nourished. As an athlete, I believe in feeding my body to help it perform. I learned early that good health is directly related to the foods I eat. 


I’m not a trained chef or nutritionist. I don’t have a fancy kitchen or products to sell. Like most people, I have a job, a family and a limited budget.

All I have is a passion for food and a desire to share that passion, and pleasure, with others.