In praise of farmer’s markets

No matter how hectic my week is, I know I’ll feel special almost every Saturday morning.

I know I’ll be greeted with a smile by people who know my name, and at the same time I’ll load up my cloth bags with fresh, delicious foodstuff.

My local farmer’s market hosts local vendors offering fresh produce, grass fed meats, free range eggs, herbs and even beeswax candles and homemade soaps.

One vendor, Just Peach Farms, offers regulars like me the option of email response to their list of offerings that they send out on Friday. I simply reply with a list of what I want, and then on Saturday when I get there, most of my items are bagged up and ready to go. It saves me time, and also means my order is filled early.

That makes me feel special, too.

Special, because I have the good fortune to eat well. Special because the produce I bring home is fresh and local. Special, because while I support local farmers, they provide me with the best eggs, veggies and fruits.

It’s a weekly ritual that leaves me feeling nourished, connected to my community, and grateful that I know the people who grow my food.

And that is the most special feeling of all.


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